Training Info & Booking Instructions

Member safety during our training sessions is our priority and risk assessments are carried out for every training session. Please ensure your own safety by wearing riding hats that conform to current safety standards. For XC lessons skull caps and body protectors must be worn.


If you would like to book a training space please register on the Horse Monkey website and enter DPRG in the search box. 

Training dates will be e-mailed to members as usual prior to them going live on Horse Monkey and if you have previously expressed an interest via e-mail, text, Messenger, Facebook or verbally you will now need to book and secure your space on Horse Monkey.  Cancellations and refunds will also be processed through Horse Monkey.

Evening training sessions will be published in advance and go live for booking on the Monday the week before training and will close on the Friday.

Weekend training sessions will be published in advance and open throughout the month.

Entries will be checked on Sunday evenings, if there are no spaces at your time of booking, please join the waiting list on Horse Monkey.


Please contact Lowri  if you have any training related questions.    

If you have any suggestions for training please contact Lowri.

Helpers required to for poo picking; course / poles set up put away etc. Please contact Lowri if you can help.